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Work buddies
The ride (advertising picture)
Branch pruning
Stéphane Marie, famous gardener  (corporate picture)
LIONS CLUB presidents
French philosopher Julia De Funès
The captain (press picture)
Morgane (press picture)
The ball bearing boss (corporate picture)
Aurelia (personal project)
Nicole (press picture)
Severine (press picture)
Russian Babooshka (press picture)
Red shoes (press picture)
The Monk (personal project)
The tree and the saw
The magician (press picture)
Fixing the robot
Grand Corps malade (press picture)
Posing with tool
The team
Virginie & Pauline (press picture)
Young farmer (press picture)
Joey Starr
Coraline (press picture)
Fabrizio, tyres specialist
Marco, il potatore
Perfume creator (press picture)
Son with Leica (personal work)
Colorfull wall in Paris
Skunk Anansie (press picture)
Illustrator (press picture)
Picture framer (press picture)
Samir & Samir
Jeweller at work
Best friend (personal project)
Felix (personal project)
ingeneer (press picture)
Sisters (press picture)
Doctor in history (press picture)
Soccer player (press picture)
Coeur de Pirate (press picture)
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